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EAI International Conference on Big Data and Analytics for Smart Cities

October 13–14, 2015 | Toronto, Canada

Ravinder Shergill, the head of Innovation Cities paradigm in TELUS will be giving a keynote at BigDASC with the following title: "An Information Iceberg".


As the Chief Architect, Ravinder is responsible for Strategy, Architecture and Governance for IP Networks at TELUS. In this role, he is Prime for the Strategy and Roadmap of the Converged Networks and Integrated  Solutions that deliver Consumer, Enterprise and Partner services across both; Wire-line and Wireless Access Networks. He has 25+ years of experience in Network Operating Systems, Switching, Routing and Data Infrastructures. Presently, he’s leading the Next-Generation Topology of TELUS’ Network, leveraging IPv6, NFV and SDN technologies.



An Information Iceberg:

We’re living in an information age where more data has been created in last few years than in all of the human history. Data creation is exploding from (perhaps useless) selfies to mission critical aspects of life.

With Internet of Things realization closer than ever an information iceberg sits beneath the surface. Smart cities urban informatics (low power sensors, wireless networks, web and mobile apps) will unleash data originating from buildings, transport systems, utilities infrastructures, environment and safety related monitoring etc.

The transformation to the Industrial Internet means an industrial data age. With mountains of data, the secret sauce will be the analytics of the same. New use cases will emerge to enhance products and services and serve the citizens and the customers with more clarity than ever before. These may include enhanced safely and security, efficient and smart use of resources, intelligent decision making and shopping etc.

From Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality to Artificial Intelligence we’re at the tip of an information iceberg. This talk will discuss the above concepts in more detail and stimulate discussion on its impacts on connected citizen, connected home, connected car and connected venue, and the role of analytics.

Nick Cohn

Nick Cohn, Senior Traffic Expert at TomTom, will be giving a keynote at BigDASC with the following title "Big Data and Traffic Management for Smarter Cities"


Nick Cohn Senior Traffic Expert at TomTom advising businesses, governments and policy-makers on new solutions to global traffic congestion problems. One of his missions is to help road authorities and other mobility partners make the transition from traditional traffic management methods to more modern solutions that make use of probe data and traveler connectivity. Nick’s current focus is on helping cities to become smarter, through the use of TomTom data and maps – as well as making autonomous driving a reality.

He was educated at the University of Washington and University of Pennsylvania on Economic Geography and Regional Science and has 25 years of experience in travel behavior and transportation.



Big Data and Traffic Management for Smarter Cities:

The widespread use of navigation devices, smartphones and in-dash systems over the last several years has enabled the development of a traveler-centric traffic management system based on GPS data. Crowd-sourced real-time traffic information allows millions of drivers to reduce the amount of travel time lost due to congestion. At the same time, the previously divided worlds of centralized traffic management and in-vehicle traveler information are merging, to the benefit of all. As the saturation level of ‘connected’ devices and vehicles increases, the challenge is to create a cooperative ecosystem that helps us move toward optimal use of our infrastructure and resources. This challenge makes demands not only of traveling individuals but also of players in the public and private sector.